The San Bernardino Lake

Fishing in the lake is reserved only for the guests of the farm. No kill fishing for bleak, pike and tench and carp fishing is practiced.

  • Regulations:
  • The use of carp safety mat is mandatory carpfishing landing net is mandatory
  • The fish should not be kept in landing nets more than the time necessary to place it on the mat and they should be returned to the lake.
  • it is forbidden to throw inside the woodsheds to safeguard the health of our finned friends.
  • It is forbidden to approach the lake by car after having arranged the equipment checks are often carried out to avoid theft of the fish etc.
  • the use of the anchor hook is forbidden
  • it is forbidden to leave waste or scraps of any kind if there are more than two fishermen, (it happens rarely, the lake has a very low pressure, ours are “wild fish” not accustomed to intensive fishing) use common sense fishing
  • fishing from the wooded side is prohibited
  • is prohibited braided line is forbidden